Source code for tkgui.options

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# pylint:disable=unused-wildcard-import,wildcard-import,attribute-defined-outside-init
"""Options tab for the TKinter GUI."""

import sys
from tkinter import *  # noqa: F403
from tkinter import messagebox, simpledialog
from tkinter.ttk import *  # noqa: F403

from core import df, embarks, keybinds
from core.lnp import lnp

from . import binding, controls, tkhelpers
from .layout import GridLayouter
from .tab import Tab

[docs]class OptionsTab(Tab): """Options tab for the TKinter GUI."""
[docs] def create_variables(self): self.keybinds = Variable() self.embarks = Variable()
[docs] def read_data(self): self.read_keybinds() if lnp.df_info.version >= '': self.read_embarks()
[docs] def create_controls(self): options = controls.create_control_group(self, 'Gameplay Options', True) options.pack(side=TOP, fill=BOTH, expand=N) grid = GridLayouter(2) grid.add(controls.create_trigger_option_button( options, 'Population Cap', 'Maximum population in your fort. ' 'Setting this too low may disable certain gameplay features.', self.set_pop_cap, 'popcap')) grid.add(controls.create_trigger_option_button( options, 'Child Cap', 'Maximum children in your fort', self.set_child_cap, 'childcap')) if lnp.df_info.version >= '0.40.05': grid.add(controls.create_trigger_option_button( options, 'Strict Population Cap', 'Strict limit on population in your fort (blocks births)', self.set_strict_pop_cap, 'strictPopcap'), 2) grid.add(controls.create_trigger_option_button( options, 'Visitor Cap', 'Limit on number of generic visitors in your fort', self.set_visitor_cap, 'visitorCap')) grid.add(controls.create_option_button( options, 'Invaders', 'Toggles whether invaders (goblins, etc.) show up', 'invaders')) if lnp.df_info.version >= '0.47.01': grid.add(controls.create_trigger_option_button( options, 'Temple Petition', 'Number of worshippers that trigger demand for a temple', self.set_temple_count, 'templeCount')) grid.add(controls.create_trigger_option_button( options, 'Guild Size', 'Number of members of same profession that trigger creation of a guild', self.set_guild_count, 'guildCount')) grid.add(controls.create_trigger_option_button( options, 'Invasion Soldier Cap', 'Limit on number of enemy soldiers during an invasion', self.set_inv_soldier_cap, 'invSoldierCap'), 2) grid.add(controls.create_trigger_option_button( options, 'Invasion Monster Cap', 'Limit on number of enemy monsters during an invasion', self.set_inv_monster_cap, 'invMonsterCap'), 2) grid.add(controls.create_option_button( options, 'Cave-ins', 'Toggles whether unsupported bits of terrain will collapse', 'caveins')) grid.add(controls.create_option_button( options, 'Temperature', 'Toggles whether things will burn, melt, freeze, etc.', 'temperature')) grid.add(controls.create_option_button( options, 'Weather', 'Rain, snow, etc.', 'weather')) grid.add(controls.create_option_button( options, 'Entomb Pets', 'Whether deceased pets should be entombed in coffins by default.', 'entombPets')) grid.add(controls.create_option_button( options, 'Artifacts', 'Whether dwarfs should enter artifact producing moods.', 'artifacts')) grid.add(controls.create_option_button( options, 'Aquifers', 'Whether newly created worlds will have ' 'Aquifers in them (Infinite sources of underground water, but may ' 'flood your fort', 'aquifers')) grid.add(controls.create_trigger_option_button( options, 'Graze Coefficient', 'Scales how often grazing animals need to eat. Larger numbers ' 'require less food.', self.set_graze_coef, 'grazeCoef'), 2) if lnp.df_info.version >= '0.34.03': if lnp.df_info.version <= '0.34.06': tooltip = 'Whether labors are enabled by default.' else: tooltip = ( 'Which labors are enabled by default: by skill level of ' 'dwarves, by their unit type, or none') grid.add(controls.create_option_button( options, 'Starting Labors', tooltip, 'laborLists'), 2) keybindings, self.keybinding_entry, self.keybinding_files = \ controls.create_list_with_entry( self, "Key Bindings", self.keybinds, [("Save", "Save current keybindings", self.save_keybinds), ("Load", "Load keybindings", self.load_keybinds), ("Delete", "Delete keybindings", self.delete_keybinds), ("Refresh", "Refresh list", self.read_keybinds)], entry_default="Save current keybindings as...") keybindings.pack(side=BOTTOM, fill=BOTH, expand=N) for seq in ("<Double-1>", "<Return>"): self.keybinding_files.bind(seq, lambda e: self.load_keybinds()) if lnp.df_info.version >= '': embarkframe, self.embark_files = controls.create_file_list( self, 'Embark profiles', self.embarks, height=3) self.embark_files.configure(selectmode="single") refresh = controls.create_trigger_button( embarkframe, 'Refresh Profiles', 'Refresh list of profiles', self.read_embarks) refresh.grid(column=0, row=3, columnspan=2, sticky="sew") # This hack ensures the listbox never selects anything itself. This # is much better than the alternative hack required to prevent the # list selecting the last element when clicking in empty space. def _deselect_all(event): for item in event.widget.curselection(): event.widget.selection_clear(item) self.embark_files.bind("<<ListboxSelect>>", _deselect_all) for seq in ("<space>", "<Return>", "<1>", "<2>" if sys.platform == 'darwin' else "<3>"): self.embark_files.bind(seq, self.toggle_embark)
[docs] @staticmethod def set_pop_cap(): """Requests new population cap from the user.""" v = simpledialog.askinteger( "Settings", "Population cap:", initialvalue=lnp.settings.popcap) if v is not None: df.set_option('popcap', str(v)) binding.update()
[docs] @staticmethod def set_strict_pop_cap(): """Requests new strict population cap from the user.""" v = simpledialog.askinteger( "Settings", "Strict population cap:", initialvalue=lnp.settings.strictPopcap) if v is not None: df.set_option('strictPopcap', str(v)) binding.update()
[docs] @staticmethod def set_child_cap(): """Requests new child cap from the user.""" child_split = list(lnp.settings.childcap.split(':')) child_split.append('0') # In case syntax is invalid v = simpledialog.askinteger( "Settings", "Absolute cap on babies + children:", initialvalue=child_split[0]) if v is not None: v2 = simpledialog.askinteger( "Settings", "Max percentage of children in fort:\n" "(lowest of the two values will be used as the cap)", initialvalue=child_split[1]) if v2 is not None: df.set_option('childcap', str(v) + ':' + str(v2)) binding.update()
[docs] @staticmethod def set_temple_count(): """Requests new worshippers limits from the user.""" split = list(lnp.settings.templeCount.split(':')) split.append('0') # In case syntax is invalid v1 = simpledialog.askinteger( "Settings", "Min number of worshippers for a regular temple:", initialvalue=split[0]) if v1 is not None: v2 = simpledialog.askinteger( "Settings", "Min number of worshippers for a grand temple:", initialvalue=split[1]) if v2 is not None: df.set_option('templeCount', str(v1) + ':' + str(v2)) binding.update()
[docs] @staticmethod def set_guild_count(): """Requests new guild members limits from the user.""" split = list(lnp.settings.guildCount.split(':')) split.append('0') # In case syntax is invalid v1 = simpledialog.askinteger( "Settings", "Min number of guild members:", initialvalue=split[0]) if v1 is not None: v2 = simpledialog.askinteger( "Settings", "Min number of guild members requesting a grand guildhall:", initialvalue=split[1]) if v2 is not None: df.set_option('guildCount', str(v1) + ':' + str(v2)) binding.update()
[docs] @staticmethod def set_graze_coef(): """Requests new graze coefficient from the user.""" v = simpledialog.askinteger( "Settings", "Graze coefficient:", initialvalue=lnp.settings.grazeCoef) if v is not None: df.set_option('grazeCoef', str(v)) binding.update()
[docs] @staticmethod def set_visitor_cap(): """Requests new visitor cap from the user.""" v = simpledialog.askinteger( "Settings", "Visitor cap:", initialvalue=lnp.settings.visitorCap) if v is not None: df.set_option('visitorCap', str(v)) binding.update()
[docs] @staticmethod def set_inv_soldier_cap(): """Requests new invasion soldier cap from the user.""" v = simpledialog.askinteger( "Settings", "Cap on # of soldiers in invasion:", initialvalue=lnp.settings.invSoldierCap) if v is not None: df.set_option('invSoldierCap', str(v)) binding.update()
[docs] @staticmethod def set_inv_monster_cap(): """Requests new invasion monster cap from the user.""" v = simpledialog.askinteger( "Settings", "Cap on # of monsters in invasion:", initialvalue=lnp.settings.invMonsterCap) if v is not None: df.set_option('invMonsterCap', str(v)) binding.update()
[docs] def read_keybinds(self): """Reads list of keybinding files.""" files = keybinds.read_keybinds() self.keybinds.set(files) current = keybinds.get_installed_file() default_bg = Style().lookup('TListbox', 'fill') for i, f in enumerate(files): if f == current: self.keybinding_files.itemconfig(i, bg='pale green') else: self.keybinding_files.itemconfig(i, bg=default_bg)
[docs] def load_keybinds(self): """Replaces keybindings with selected file.""" if not tkhelpers.check_vanilla_raws(): return listbox = self.keybinding_files items = listbox.curselection() if len(items) > 0: listbox.selection_clear(items) keybinds.load_keybinds(listbox.get(items[0])) self.read_keybinds() self.keybinding_entry.delete(0, END)
[docs] def save_keybinds(self): """Saves keybindings to a file.""" v = self.keybinding_entry.get() if v and not getattr(self.keybinding_entry, 'default_showing', False): if not v.endswith('.txt'): v = v + '.txt' if (not keybinds.keybind_exists(v) or messagebox.askyesno( message='Overwrite {0}?'.format(v), icon='question', title='Overwrite file?')): self.keybinding_entry.delete(0, END) keybinds.save_keybinds(v) self.read_keybinds()
[docs] def delete_keybinds(self): """Deletes a keybinding file.""" listbox = self.keybinding_files if len(listbox.curselection()) > 0: filename = listbox.get(listbox.curselection()[0]) if messagebox.askyesno( 'Delete file?', 'Are you sure you want to delete {0}?'.format(filename)): keybinds.delete_keybinds(filename) self.read_keybinds()
[docs] def read_embarks(self): """Reads list of embark profiles.""" files = embarks.read_embarks() self.embarks.set(files) current = embarks.get_installed_files() default_bg = Style().lookup('TListbox', 'fill') for i, f in enumerate(files): if f in current: self.embark_files.itemconfig(i, bg='pale green') else: self.embark_files.itemconfig(i, bg=default_bg)
[docs] def install_embarks(self, listbox): """ Installs selected embark profiles. Args: listbox: Listbox containing the list of embark profiles. """ if len(listbox.curselection()) != 0: files = [] for f in listbox.curselection(): files.append(listbox.get(f)) embarks.install_embarks(files) self.read_embarks()
[docs] def toggle_embark(self, event): """Toggles selected embark profile.""" item = self.embark_files.index('active') if event.keysym == '??': # pylint: disable=not-callable item = self.embark_files.identify(event.y) # pylint: enable=not-callable if item is not None: embark_file = self.embark_files.get(item) files = embarks.get_installed_files() if embark_file in files: files.remove(embark_file) else: files.append(embark_file) embarks.install_embarks(files) self.read_embarks()