Source code for tkgui.mods

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# pylint:disable=unused-wildcard-import,wildcard-import,attribute-defined-outside-init
"""Mods tab for the TKinter GUI."""

from tkinter import *  # noqa: F403
from tkinter import messagebox, simpledialog
from tkinter.ttk import *  # noqa: F403

from core import mods

from . import controls, tkhelpers
from .layout import GridLayouter
from .tab import Tab

[docs]class ModsTab(Tab): """Mods tab for the TKinter GUI."""
[docs] def create_variables(self): self.installed = [] self.available = [] self.installed_var = Variable() self.available_var = Variable() self.status = 3
[docs] def read_data(self): mods.clear_temp() self.available = mods.read_mods() self.installed = mods.get_installed_mods_from_log() self.available = [m for m in self.available if m not in self.installed] self.update_lists()
[docs] def create_controls(self): Grid.columnconfigure(self, 0, weight=1, uniform="mods") Grid.columnconfigure(self, 1, weight=1, uniform="mods") Grid.rowconfigure(self, 0, weight=1) Grid.rowconfigure(self, 2, weight=1) main_grid = GridLayouter(2) f = controls.create_control_group(self, 'Merged') install_frame, self.installed_list = controls.create_file_list( f, None, self.installed_var, selectmode='multiple') controls.listbox_dyn_tooltip( self.installed_list, lambda i: self.installed[i], mods.get_tooltip) self.installed_list.bind( "<Double-1>", lambda e: self.remove_from_installed()) reorder_frame = controls.create_control_group(install_frame, None) controls.create_trigger_button( reorder_frame, '↑', 'Move up', self.move_up).pack() controls.create_trigger_button( reorder_frame, '↓', 'Move down', self.move_down).pack() reorder_frame.grid(row=0, column=2, sticky="nse") main_grid.add(f, 2) main_grid.add(controls.create_trigger_button( self, '⇑', 'Add', self.add_to_installed)) main_grid.add(controls.create_trigger_button( self, '⇓', 'Remove', self.remove_from_installed)) f = controls.create_control_group(self, 'Available') _, self.available_list = controls.create_file_list( f, None, self.available_var, selectmode='multiple') controls.listbox_dyn_tooltip( self.available_list, lambda i: self.available[i], mods.get_tooltip) self.available_list.bind( "<Double-1>", lambda e: self.add_to_installed()) main_grid.add(f, 2) main_grid.add(controls.create_trigger_button( self, 'Install Mods', 'Copy merged mods to DF folder.', self.install_mods)) main_grid.add(controls.create_trigger_option_button( self, 'Pre-merge Graphics', 'Whether to start with the current graphics pack, or ' 'vanilla (ASCII) raws', self.toggle_preload, 'premerge_graphics', lambda v: ('NO', 'YES')[mods.will_premerge_gfx()])) main_grid.add(controls.create_trigger_button( self, 'Simplify Mods', 'Removes unnecessary files.', self.simplify_mods)) main_grid.add(controls.create_trigger_button( self, 'Extract Installed', 'Creates a mod from unique changes ' 'to your installed raws. Use to preserve custom tweaks.', self.create_from_installed))
[docs] def update_lists(self): """Updates the lists.""" self.available.sort(key=mods.get_title) self.available_var.set(tuple(mods.get_title(m) for m in self.available)) self.installed_var.set(tuple(mods.get_title(m) for m in self.installed))
[docs] @staticmethod def toggle_preload(): """Toggles whether to preload graphics before merging mods.""" mods.toggle_premerge_gfx()
[docs] def move_up(self): """Moves the selected item/s up in the merge order and re-merges.""" if len(self.installed_list.curselection()) == 0: return selection = [int(i) for i in self.installed_list.curselection()] lst = self.installed for i in range(1, len(lst)): j = i while j in selection and i - 1 not in selection and j < len(lst): lst[j - 1], lst[j] = lst[j], lst[j - 1] j += 1 self.update_lists() first_missed = False self.installed_list.selection_clear(0, END) for i in range(0, len(lst)): if i not in selection: first_missed = True else: self.installed_list.select_set(i - int(first_missed)) self.perform_merge()
[docs] def move_down(self): """Moves the selected item/s down in the merge order and re-merges.""" if len(self.installed_list.curselection()) == 0: return selection = [int(i) for i in self.installed_list.curselection()] lst = self.installed for i in range(len(lst) - 1, 0, -1): j = i while i not in selection and j - 1 in selection and j > 0: lst[j - 1], lst[j] = lst[j], lst[j - 1] j -= 1 self.update_lists() first_missed = False self.installed_list.selection_clear(0, END) for i in range(len(lst), 0, -1): if i - 1 not in selection: first_missed = True else: self.installed_list.select_set(i - 1 + int(first_missed)) self.perform_merge()
[docs] def create_from_installed(self): """Extracts a mod from the currently installed raws.""" if mods.make_mod_from_installed_raws('') is not None: name = simpledialog.askstring("Create Mod", "New mod name:") if name: if mods.make_mod_from_installed_raws(name): messagebox.showinfo('Mod extracted', 'Your mod was extracted as ' + name) else: messagebox.showinfo( 'Error', 'There is already a mod with that name.') self.read_data() else: messagebox.showinfo('Error', 'No unique mods were found.')
[docs] def add_to_installed(self): """Move selected mod/s from available to merged list and re-merge.""" if len(self.available_list.curselection()) == 0: return for i in self.available_list.curselection(): self.installed.append(self.available[int(i)]) for i in self.available_list.curselection()[::-1]: self.available.remove(self.available[int(i)]) self.available_list.selection_clear(0, END) self.update_lists() self.perform_merge()
[docs] def remove_from_installed(self): """Move selected mod/s from merged to available list and re-merge.""" if len(self.installed_list.curselection()) == 0: return for i in self.installed_list.curselection()[::-1]: self.available.append(self.installed[int(i)]) self.installed.remove(self.installed[int(i)]) self.installed_list.selection_clear(0, END) self.update_lists() self.perform_merge()
[docs] def perform_merge(self): """Merge the selected mods, with background color for user feedback.""" if not tkhelpers.check_vanilla_raws(): return colors = ['pale green', 'yellow', 'orange', 'red', 'white'] result = mods.merge_all_mods(self.installed) for i, status in enumerate(result): self.installed_list.itemconfig(i, bg=colors[status]) self.status = max(result + [0])
[docs] def install_mods(self): """Replaces <df>/raw with the contents LNP/Baselines/temp/raw""" if messagebox.askokcancel( message=('Your raws will be changed.\n\n' 'The mod merging function is still in beta. This ' 'could break new worlds, or even cause crashes.\n\n' 'Changing mods or graphics later might break a save, ' 'so keep backups of everything you care about!'), title='Are you sure?'): if self.status < 2: if mods.install_mods(): messagebox.showinfo( 'Mods installed', 'The selected mods were installed.\nGenerate a new ' 'world to start playing with them!') else: messagebox.showinfo( 'Mods not installed', 'No mods were merged to install.') else: messagebox.showinfo( 'Mods not ready', 'The selected mods have merge conflicts and should not be ' 'installed.\n\nResolve merge issues and try again.')
[docs] @staticmethod def simplify_mods(): """Simplify mods; runs on startup if called directly by button.""" if not tkhelpers.check_vanilla_raws(): return m, f = mods.simplify_mods() messagebox.showinfo( str(m) + ' mods simplified', str(f) + ' files were removed from ' + str(m) + ' mods.')