Source code for tkgui.child_windows

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# pylint:disable=unused-wildcard-import,wildcard-import
"""Contains base class used for child windows."""

import os
from tkinter import *  # noqa: F403
from tkinter import messagebox
from tkinter.ttk import *  # noqa: F403

from core import errorlog, launcher, paths, terminal, update
from core.dfraw import DFRaw
from core.lnp import lnp

from . import controls

[docs]class ChildWindow(object): """Base class for child windows.""" def __init__(self, parent, title): """ Constructor for child windows. Args: parent: parent widget for the window. title: title for the window. """ top = = Toplevel(parent) self.parent = parent top.title(title) f = Frame(top) self.create_controls(f) f.pack(fill=BOTH, expand=Y)
[docs] def create_controls(self, container): """ Constructs controls for the window. To be overridden in child classes. Args: container: the frame the controls are to be created in. """
[docs] def make_modal(self, on_cancel): """ Change the window to work as a modal dialog. Args: on_cancel: method to be called if the user closes the window. """ if self.parent.state() != "withdrawn":"WM_DELETE_WINDOW", on_cancel)
[docs] def close(self): """Called when the window is closed."""
[docs]class DualTextWindow(ChildWindow): """Window containing a row of buttons and two scrollable text fields.""" def __init__(self, parent, title): self.f = None self.left = None self.left_scroll = None self.right = None self.right_scroll = None super().__init__(parent, title)
[docs] def create_controls(self, container): self.create_buttons(container) self.f = f = Frame(container) Grid.rowconfigure(f, 0, weight=1) Grid.columnconfigure(f, 0, weight=1) Grid.columnconfigure(f, 2, weight=1) self.left = Text(f, width=40, height=20, wrap="word") self.left.grid(column=0, row=0, sticky="nsew") self.left_scroll = controls.create_scrollbar( f, self.left, column=1, row=0) self.right = Text(f, width=40, height=20, wrap="word") self.right.grid(column=2, row=0, sticky="nsew") self.right_scroll = controls.create_scrollbar( f, self.right, column=3, row=0) f.pack(side=BOTTOM, fill=BOTH, expand=Y)
[docs] def create_buttons(self, container): """ Creates buttons for this window. Must be overriden in child classes. Args: container: the frame the controls are to be created in. """
[docs]class LogWindow(DualTextWindow): """Window used for displaying an error log.""" def __init__(self, parent): """ Constructor for LogWindow. Args: parent: parent widget for the window. """ super().__init__(parent, 'Output log') self.load()
[docs] def create_buttons(self, container): f = Frame(container) Button(f, text='Refresh', command=self.load).pack(side=LEFT) f.pack(side=TOP, anchor='w')
[docs] def load(self): """Loads log data into the text widgets.""" self.left.delete('1.0', END) self.right.delete('1.0', END) self.left.insert('1.0', '\n'.join(errorlog.out.lines)) self.right.insert('1.0', '\n'.join(errorlog.err.lines))
[docs]class InitEditor(DualTextWindow): """Basic editor for d_init.txt and init.txt.""" def __init__(self, parent, gui): super().__init__(parent, 'Init Editor') self.gui = gui self.load()
[docs] def create_buttons(self, container): f = Frame(container) Button(f, text="Load", command=self.load).pack(side=LEFT) Button(f, text="Save", f.pack(side=TOP, anchor="w")
[docs] def load(self): """Loads configuration data into the text widgets.""" self.gui.save_params() self.left.delete('1.0', END) self.left.insert('1.0','init', 'init.txt'))) self.right.delete('1.0', END) if os.path.isfile(paths.get('init', 'd_init.txt')): self.right.insert( '1.0','init', 'd_init.txt'))) else: Grid.columnconfigure(self.f, 2, weight=0) self.right.grid_forget() self.right_scroll.hidden = True
[docs] def save(self): """Saves configuration data from the text widgets.""" DFRaw.write( paths.get('init', 'init.txt'), self.left.get('1.0', 'end')) if os.path.isfile(paths.get('init', 'd_init.txt')): DFRaw.write( paths.get('init', 'd_init.txt'), self.right.get('1.0', 'end')) self.gui.load_params()
[docs]class SelectDF(ChildWindow): """Window to select an instance of Dwarf Fortress to operate on.""" def __init__(self, parent, folders): """ Constructor for SelectDF. Args: parent: parent widget for the window. folders: list of suitable folder paths. """ self.parent = parent self.listvar = Variable(parent) self.folderlist = None super().__init__(parent, 'Select DF instance') self.result = '' self.listvar.set(folders) self.make_modal(self.cancel)
[docs] def create_controls(self, container): f = Frame(container) Grid.rowconfigure(f, 1, weight=1) Grid.columnconfigure(f, 0, weight=1) Label( f, text='Please select the Dwarf Fortress folder ' 'you would like to use.').grid(column=0, row=0, columnspan=2) self.folderlist = Listbox( f, listvariable=self.listvar, activestyle='dotbox') self.folderlist.grid(column=0, row=1, sticky="nsew") controls.create_scrollbar(f, self.folderlist, column=1, row=1) self.folderlist.focus() ok = controls.Button(f, text='OK', command=self.ok, default='active') ok.grid(column=0, row=2, columnspan=2, sticky="s")'<Return>', lambda e, b=ok: b.invoke()) self.folderlist.bind("<Double-1>", lambda e: self.ok()) f.pack(fill=BOTH, expand=Y)
[docs] def ok(self): """Called when the OK button is clicked.""" if len(self.folderlist.curselection()) != 0: self.result = self.folderlist.get(self.folderlist.curselection()[0])'WM_DELETE_WINDOW', None)
[docs] def cancel(self): """Called when the Cancel button is clicked."""
[docs]class UpdateWindow(ChildWindow): """Notification of a new update.""" def __init__(self, parent): """ Constructor for UpdateWindow. Args: parent: parent widget for the window. lnp: reference to the PyLNP object. """ self.parent = parent super().__init__(parent, 'Update available') self.make_modal(self.close)
[docs] def create_controls(self, container): f = Frame(container) Label( f, text='An update is available (version ' + str(lnp.new_version) + '). Download now?').grid( column=0, row=0) Label(f, text='You can control the frequency of update checks from the ' 'menu Options > Check for Updates.').grid(column=0, row=1) f.pack(fill=BOTH, expand=Y) buttons = Frame(container) if lnp.updater.get_direct_url(): Button( buttons, text='Direct Download', ).pack(side=LEFT) if lnp.updater.get_download_url(): Button( buttons, text='Open in Browser', command=self.browser ).pack(side=LEFT) Button( buttons, text='Not now', command=self.close ).pack(side=LEFT) buttons.pack(side=BOTTOM)
[docs] def browser(self): """Called when the browser button is clicked.""" update.start_update() self.close()
[docs] def download(self): """Called when the download button is clicked.""" update.direct_download_pack() messagebox.showinfo( message='The updated pack is being downloaded. Once complete, the ' 'new pack will be extracted automatically.', title='Download in progress') self.close()
[docs]class ConfirmRun(ChildWindow): """Confirmation dialog for already running programs.""" def __init__(self, parent, path, is_df): """ Constructor for ConfirmRun. Args: parent: Parent widget for the window. lnp: Reference to the PyLNP object. path: Path to the executable. is_df: True if the program is DF itself. """ self.parent = parent self.path = path self.is_df = is_df super().__init__(parent, 'Program already running') self.make_modal(self.close)
[docs] def create_controls(self, container): f = Frame(container) f.after(20000, self.close) Label( f, text='The below program is already running. Launch it again?').grid( column=0, row=0) Label(f, text=self.path).grid(column=0, row=1) f.pack(fill=BOTH, expand=Y) buttons = Frame(container) Button(buttons, text='Yes', command=self.yes).pack(side=LEFT) Button(buttons, text='No', command=self.close).pack(side=LEFT) buttons.pack(side=BOTTOM)
[docs] def yes(self): """Called when the Yes button is clicked.""" if self.is_df: launcher.run_df() else: launcher.run_program(self.path) self.close()
[docs]class TerminalSelector(ChildWindow): """Used to select a terminal for launching child programs on Linux.""" def __init__(self, parent, first_run): self.first_run = first_run super().__init__(parent, 'Configure terminal') self.running_test = False self.running_status = '' self.make_modal(
[docs] def create_controls(self, container): f = Frame(container) Label(f, text='Please select which terminal should be used when ' 'launching programs requiring it (e.g. DFHack).').grid( column=0, row=0) terminals = [ for t in terminal.get_valid_terminals()] self.term = StringVar(self.parent) if self.first_run: cur = terminals[0] else: try: cur = terminal.get_configured_terminal().name except NameError: pass self.term.set(cur) OptionMenu(f, self.term, self.term.get(), *terminals).grid( column=0, row=1) Label(f, text='If you use a custom command, put it here. Use $ as a ' 'placeholder for the actual command.\nIf no $ is used, ' 'the command will automatically be put at the end.').grid( column=0, row=2) self.cmd = StringVar() self.cmd.set(terminal.get_custom_terminal_cmd()) Entry(f, textvariable=self.cmd).grid(column=0, row=3, sticky='nsew') f.pack(fill=BOTH, expand=Y) buttons = Frame(container) Button(buttons, text='OK', command=self.close).pack(side=LEFT) Button( buttons, text='Test custom terminal', command=self.run_test).pack(side=LEFT) buttons.pack(side=BOTTOM)
[docs] def close(self): terminal.configure_terminal(self.term.get()) terminal.configure_custom_terminal(self.cmd.get()) del self.term del self.cmd super().close()
[docs] def run_test(self): """Tests the custom terminal provided to see if it works correctly.""" if not messagebox.askokcancel( message="This will run a test to determine if your custom " "terminal command is working correctly.\n\n" "When you start the test, you will see one or two terminal " "windows spawn. If you do not see either of these windows, " "the terminal is not being launched correctly." "\n\nThe test may take anywhere from a few seconds to about a " "minute to execute. PyLNP will not respond until the test is " "complete.\n\nPress OK to start the test, or Cancel to abort.", title="PyLNP"): return try: terminal.configure_custom_terminal(self.cmd.get()) r = terminal.terminal_test_run() if r[0]: messagebox.showinfo(message="Test successful.", title="PyLNP") else: messagebox.showerror( message="Test failed: %s" % r[1], title="PyLNP") except Exception: messagebox.showerror( message="Test failed, see the log for details.", title="PyLNP")