Source code for tkgui.advanced

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# pylint:disable=unused-wildcard-import,wildcard-import,attribute-defined-outside-init
"""Advanced tab for the TKinter GUI."""

from tkinter import *  # noqa: F403
from tkinter import messagebox
from tkinter.ttk import *  # noqa: F403

from core import launcher, legends_processor
from core.lnp import lnp

from . import controls
from .layout import GridLayouter
from .tab import Tab

[docs]class AdvancedTab(Tab): """Advanced tab for the TKinter GUI."""
[docs] def create_variables(self): self.volume_var = StringVar() self.fps_var = StringVar() self.gps_var = StringVar() self.winX_var = StringVar() self.winY_var = StringVar() self.fullX_var = StringVar() self.fullY_var = StringVar()
[docs] def create_controls(self): # pylint: disable=too-many-statements Grid.columnconfigure(self, 0, weight=1) Grid.columnconfigure(self, 1, weight=1) main_grid = GridLayouter(2, pad=(4, 0)) if lnp.settings.version_has_option('sound'): sound = controls.create_control_group(self, 'Sound') main_grid.add(sound) controls.create_option_button( sound, 'Sound', 'Turn game music on/off', 'sound').pack( side=LEFT, fill=X, expand=Y) if lnp.settings.version_has_option('volume'): controls.create_numeric_entry( sound, self.volume_var, 'volume', 'Music volume (0 to 255)').pack(side=LEFT, padx=(6, 0)) Label(sound, text='/255').pack(side=LEFT) if lnp.settings.version_has_option('fpsCounter'): fps = controls.create_control_group(self, 'FPS') main_grid.add(fps, rowspan=2) controls.create_option_button( fps, 'FPS Counter', 'Whether or not to display your FPS', 'fpsCounter').pack(fill=BOTH) caps = controls.create_control_group(fps, 'FPS Caps') caps.rowconfigure((1, 2), weight=1) caps.columnconfigure((1, 3), weight=1) if lnp.settings.version_has_option('fpsCap'): Label(caps, text='Calculation ').grid( row=1, column=1, sticky='e') controls.create_numeric_entry( caps, self.fps_var, 'fpsCap', 'How fast the game runs').grid( row=1, column=2) Label(caps, text='FPS').grid(row=1, column=3, sticky='w') if lnp.settings.version_has_option('gpsCap'): Label(caps, text='Graphical ').grid(row=2, column=1, sticky='e') controls.create_numeric_entry( caps, self.gps_var, 'gpsCap', 'How fast the game visually ' 'updates.\nLower value may give small boost to FPS but ' 'will be less responsive.').grid( row=2, column=2, pady=(3, 0)) Label(caps, text='FPS').grid(row=2, column=3, sticky='w') if caps.children: caps.pack(fill=BOTH, expand=Y) if lnp.settings.version_has_option('introMovie'): startup = controls.create_control_group(self, 'Startup') main_grid.add(startup) Grid.columnconfigure(startup, 0, weight=1) controls.create_option_button( startup, 'Intro Movie', 'Do you want to see the beautiful ASCII intro movie?', 'introMovie').grid(column=0, row=0, sticky="nsew") controls.create_option_button( startup, 'Windowed', 'Start windowed or fullscreen', 'startWindowed').grid(column=0, row=1, sticky="nsew") resolution = controls.create_control_group(self, 'Resolution') main_grid.add(resolution, 2) resolution['pad'] = (4, 0, 4, 8) resolution.columnconfigure((0, 5), weight=1) resolution.rowconfigure((2, 4), minsize=3) Label(resolution, text='Windowed').grid(row=1, column=1, sticky='e') Label(resolution, text='Fullscreen').grid(row=3, column=1, sticky='e') Label(resolution, text='Width').grid(row=0, column=2) Label(resolution, text='Height').grid(row=0, column=4) Label(resolution, text='x').grid(row=1, column=3) Label(resolution, text='x').grid(row=3, column=3) if lnp.df_info.version < '50.01': Label(resolution, justify=CENTER, text='Values less than 255 represent # tiles,\n' 'values greater than 255 represent # pixels.\n' 'Fullscreen "0" to autodetect.').grid( row=5, column=0, columnspan=6) controls.create_numeric_entry( resolution, self.winX_var, ('WINDOWEDX', 'GRAPHICS_WINDOWEDX'), '').grid(row=1, column=2) controls.create_numeric_entry( resolution, self.winY_var, ('WINDOWEDY', 'GRAPHICS_WINDOWEDY'), '').grid(row=1, column=4) controls.create_numeric_entry( resolution, self.fullX_var, ('FULLSCREENX', 'GRAPHICS_FULLSCREENX'), '').grid(row=3, column=2) controls.create_numeric_entry( resolution, self.fullY_var, ('FULLSCREENY', 'GRAPHICS_FULLSCREENY'), '').grid(row=3, column=4) saverelated = controls.create_control_group( self, 'Save-related', True) main_grid.add(saverelated, 2) grid = GridLayouter(2) grid.add(controls.create_option_button( saverelated, 'Autosave', 'How often the game will automatically save', 'autoSave')) grid.add(controls.create_option_button( saverelated, 'Initial Save', 'Saves as soon as you embark', 'initialSave')) grid.add(controls.create_option_button( saverelated, 'Pause on Save', 'Pauses the game after auto-saving', 'autoSavePause')) grid.add(controls.create_option_button( saverelated, 'Pause on Load', 'Pauses the game as soon as it loads', 'pauseOnLoad')) grid.add(controls.create_option_button( saverelated, 'Backup Saves', 'Makes a backup of every autosave', 'autoBackup')) if lnp.df_info.version >= '0.31.01': grid.add(controls.create_option_button( saverelated, 'Compress Saves', 'Whether to compress the ' 'savegames (keep this on unless you experience problems with ' 'your saves', 'compressSaves')) grid.add(controls.create_trigger_button( saverelated, 'Open Savegame Folder', 'Open the savegame folder', launcher.open_savegames)) if lnp.df_info.version >= '0.31.01': announcements_group = controls.create_control_group( self, 'Announcements') main_grid.add(announcements_group, 2) controls.create_option_button( announcements_group, 'Damp Stone', 'Pause and center view when damp stone is found', 'focusDamp').pack(fill=X) controls.create_option_button( announcements_group, 'Warm Stone', 'Pause and center view when warm stone is found', 'focusWarm').pack(fill=X) misc_group = controls.create_control_group(self, 'Miscellaneous') main_grid.add(misc_group, 2) controls.create_option_button( misc_group, 'Processor Priority', 'Adjusts the priority given to Dwarf Fortress by your OS', 'procPriority').pack(fill=X) if lnp.df_info.version >= '0.40.09': controls.create_trigger_button( misc_group, 'Process Legends Exports', 'Compress and sort files exported from legends mode', self.process_legends).pack(fill=X)
[docs] @staticmethod def process_legends(): """Process legends exports.""" if not legends_processor.get_region_info(): messagebox.showinfo('No legends exports', 'There were no legends exports to process.') else: messagebox.showinfo('Exports will be compressed', 'Maps exported from legends mode will be ' 'converted to .png format, a compressed archive' ' will be made, and files will be sorted and ' 'moved to a subfolder. Please wait...') i = legends_processor.process_legends() string = str(i) + ' region' if i > 1: string += 's' messagebox.showinfo(string + ' processed', 'Legends exported from ' + string + ' were found and processed')