Source code for core.legends_processor

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""A module to compress and sort legends exports from DF 0.40.09 and later.

- .bmp converted to .png where possible.
- Create an archive for Legends Viewer if possible, or just compress
  the (huge) xml.
- Sort files into region folder, with maps subfolders, and move to user
  content folder if this folder exists.

import glob
import os
import re
import subprocess
import zipfile

from . import log, paths
from .lnp import lnp

[docs]def get_region_info(): """Returns a tuple of strings for an available region and date. Eg: ('region1', '00250-01-01') """ files = [f for f in glob.glob(paths.get('df', 'region*-*-??-??-*')) if os.path.isfile(f)] if files: fname = os.path.basename(files[0]) region = r'^.*(?=(-\d{5,}-\d{2}-\d{2}))', fname).group() date ='\d{5,}-\d{2}-\d{2}', fname).group() return region, date return None
[docs]def compress_bitmaps(): """Compresses all bitmap maps.""" # pylint: disable=import-error try: from PIL import Image except ImportError: try: import Image except ImportError: call_optipng() else: log.i('Compressing bitmaps with PIL/Pillow') for fname in glob.glob(paths.get( 'df', '-'.join(get_region_info()) + '-*.bmp')): f =[:-3] + 'png', format='PNG', optimize=True) os.remove(fname)
[docs]def call_optipng(): """Calling optipng can work well, but isn't very portable.""" if == 'nt' and os.path.isfile(paths.get('df', 'optipng.exe')): log.w('Falling back to optipng for image compression. ' 'It is recommended to install PIL.') for fname in glob.glob(paths.get( 'df', '-'.join(get_region_info()) + '-*.bmp')): ret =[paths.get('df', 'optipng'), '-zc9', '-zm9', '-zs0', '-f0', fname], creationflags=0x00000008) if ret == 0: os.remove(fname) else: log.e('A PIL-compatible library is required to compress bitmaps.')
[docs]def choose_region_map(): """Returns the most-preferred region map available, or fallback.""" pattern = paths.get('df', '-'.join(get_region_info()) + '-') for name in ('detailed', 'world_map'): for ext in ('.png', '.bmp'): if os.path.isfile(pattern + name + ext): return pattern + name + ext return pattern + 'world_map.bmp'
[docs]def create_archive(): """Creates a legends archive, or zips the xml if files are missing.""" pattern = paths.get('df', '-'.join(get_region_info()) + '-') worldgen = paths.get('df', get_region_info()[0] + '-world_gen_param.txt') filepaths = [pattern + 'legends.xml', pattern + 'world_history.txt', worldgen, choose_region_map(), pattern + 'world_sites_and_pops.txt'] if os.path.isfile(pattern + 'legends_plus.xml'): filepaths.append(pattern + 'legends_plus.xml') if all(os.path.isfile(f) for f in filepaths): with zipfile.ZipFile(pattern + '', 'w', zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED, allowZip64=True) as zipped: for f in filepaths: zipped.write(f, os.path.basename(f)) os.remove(f) elif os.path.isfile(pattern + 'legends.xml'): with zipfile.ZipFile(pattern + '', 'w', zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED, allowZip64=True) as zipped: zipped.write(pattern + 'legends.xml', os.path.basename(pattern + 'legends.xml')) os.remove(pattern + 'legends.xml')
[docs]def move_files(): """Moves files to a subdir, and subdir to ../User Generated Content if that dir exists.""" pattern = paths.get('df', '-'.join(get_region_info())) region = get_region_info()[0] dirname = get_region_info()[0] + '_legends_exports' if os.path.isdir(paths.get('root', 'User Generated Content')): dirname = paths.get( 'root', 'User Generated Content', 'Legends', dirname) if not os.path.isdir(dirname): os.makedirs(dirname) else: dirname = paths.get('df', dirname) for site_map in glob.glob(pattern + '-site_map-*'): target = os.path.join(dirname, 'site_maps', os.path.basename(site_map)) if os.path.isfile(target): os.remove(site_map) continue os.renames(site_map, target) maps = ('world_map', 'bm', 'detailed', 'dip', 'drn', 'el', 'elw', 'evil', 'hyd', 'nob', 'rain', 'sal', 'sav', 'str', 'tmp', 'trd', 'veg', 'vol') for m in maps: m = glob.glob(pattern + '-' + m + '.???') if m: log.d('Found the following region map: ' + str(m[0])) t = os.path.join(dirname, 'region_maps', os.path.basename(m[0])) if os.path.isfile(t): os.remove(m[0]) continue os.renames(m[0], t) for f in glob.glob(paths.get('df', region + '-*')): log.d('Found the following misc files: ' + str(f)) if os.path.isfile(f): target = os.path.join(dirname, os.path.basename(f)) if os.path.isfile(target): os.remove(f) continue os.renames(f, target) for f in glob.glob(paths.get('df', '*_color_key.txt')): os.remove(f)
[docs]def process_legends(): """Process all legends exports in sets.""" if lnp.df_info.version >= '0.40.09': i = 0 while get_region_info(): log.i('Processing legends from ' + get_region_info()[0]) compress_bitmaps() create_archive() move_files() i += 1 return i return None