Source code for core.embarks

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Embark profile management."""

import os

from . import helpers, log, paths
from .dfraw import DFRaw

[docs]def read_embarks(): """Returns a list of embark profiles.""" return tuple(sorted([ os.path.basename(o) for o in helpers.get_text_files( paths.get('embarks'))]))
[docs]def install_embarks(files): """ Installs a list of embark profiles. Args: files: list of files to install. """ with'init', 'embark_profiles.txt'), 'wt') as out: log.i('Installing embark profiles: ' + str(files)) for f in files: embark ='embarks', f)) out.write(embark + "\n\n")
[docs]def get_installed_files(): """Returns the names of the currently installed embark profiles.""" files = helpers.get_text_files(paths.get('embarks')) current = paths.get('init', 'embark_profiles.txt') result = helpers.detect_installed_files(current, files) return [os.path.basename(r) for r in result]